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Complete Building Raising and Moving Specialist

How We Started

In 1991, Murray Wilson, a second-generation house mover established C&T Structural
Movers after branching out from the family business to focus on more specialized work
for Provincial and Federal Government, Historical Society’s, and Conservation Authority’s.
Murray had worked alongside his father which was serving in the house moving industry
since 1957. Over the last three decades Murray’s son Curtis Wilson has worked
alongside him as a father and son team.

Who We Serve
C&T Structural Movers serves homeowners, business owners and contractors in
Southwestern Ontario.  Serving our geographical area, we work with many contractors who do the general
contracting or specific trades. Unlike the city, if you are getting two or three contractors
quotes C&T Structural Movers will likely quote for all three contractors as we are a very
specialized type of business, and most contractors are generally in contact with us. Due
to this, roughly 70% of our work is for or through the contractors themselves. This way it
actually becomes a team effort with us working directly with the contractors.

Why C&T Structural Movers
CT Structural Movers are focused on is raising and moving buildings.
C&T Structural Movers are second and third generation mover with over sixty years of
combined experience in the building moving industry.
C&T Structural Movers uses only the best practices for our industry standard, ensuring
safe, efficient service and quality workmanship. We are a reputable company in the
building moving industry.

~ Just do the work we do best~  Murray Wilson



Advocates For a Greener Choice
ReduceReuse Recycle is not something of the past, it is in the forefront of
everyone’s mind currently. C&T Structural Movers and the building moving industry believes in recycling buildings instead of it going to the landfill.

Did you know that...

*A house 28′ x 48′ to be demolished and taken to the landfill site will have 120-160
cubic yards of waste materials.

*A house 28′ x 48′ (1344sq ft) takes 11,600 board feet of lumber to frame or 30.8
logs with 16″ dia x 25’ long which takes 40 years to grow.

*By re-using the home, it is adding a substantial tax base to municipalities.

*C&T Structural Movers will recycle more in one year than some Municipal Blue
Box programs.

History of Building Moving/Raising

Building moving rapidly grew from the 1960s through to the 2000s, due in part from high
interest mortgage rates, urban sprawl, desire to save historical buildings, and updating
already existing structures.
Since the 2000s building raising has taken the forefront. The original owners of cottages
are passing them down to their children. Due to the rising cost of taxes, property value
and cottages needing to be repaired or rebuilt the new generation of owners must
decide on how to get the best value in the cottage. Raising the cottage and winterizing it
can make it a four-season destination and can accommodate larger families/groups of
From very simple equipment to State-of-the-Art Technology the field of Structural
Moving and Raising is a very specialized industry.