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Reasons for Raising a cottage, house or shed:

*Existing piers vs Parameter wallSpace for pipes, furnace, water heater, insulated floors

*Rodent prevention

*Crumbling or poorly constructed foundation

*Raise for Basement instantly double your square footage for growing family or storage

*Ensure new solid level foundation for future upgrades to structure

*Winterize cottage for year-round usage

*Increases resale value of property

*Upgrade from a cottage to a home-status over a 1 to 5 Year Plan



C&T Structural Movers can relocate any size or type of structure (restrictions apply).  This includes residential, stone, log, brick, historical, industrial and/or commercial buildings.  Several factors come into play when a building is moved.

Main Reasons for moving a building:

*Property owner likes location and is building new

*New Housing or Commercial development

*First-Time Home Buyers – Purchase, move and renovate for approx. half the cost of building new

*Lot size restrictions may dictate only one building on lot

*Historical reasons, beneficial to the preservation of history in the area

*Sentimental (building has been in family for many years) or family-built

Things to consider for a before purchasing new lot or building to move:

*Building style (multi-level, two-story or bungalow), height and width

*Route from point A to point B (shortest distance may not always be best) ie: road obstacles – bridges, trees, narrow roads or stop lights. Mover will determine the best route available.

*Overhead wires (hydro, phone, and cable tv wire lifting during move). Utilities charge for wires to be lifted

*This does not apply if it is historical or for sentimental value.

*Is it cost-effective? Each project is unique and individual so, a detailed plan concerning all aspects of the job itemized so there are no hidden surprises and therefore increasing the costs.


*It must be cost-effective

*Companies look at the overall cost of tearing it down, hauling debris to the landfill site for a fee and building brand new to meet the             requirements of the new plan

*Companies that are expanding their operations usually have the set up they require but need additional room between steps in the process. An example: moving the loading bay from the existing location a couple of hundred meters, to accommodate building a larger processing assembly line and placing in a new location on site.

*In addition to being cost-effective, the company is recycling and reusing the
existing building reducing waste that goes into the landfill sites but still getting the desired results, in the end, being cost-effective.



*Family farms are slowly being bought up by larger farms. When this happens, the new owners like to centralize their storage facilities.

*The same reason as commercial buildings, it must be cost-effective to move a driving shed or barn.

*Replace a crumbling foundation on an existing barn or to lower the barn to convert to a workshop



*C&T Structural Movers can help to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle or just save and maintain historic buildings.

*With growing urban sprawl, sometimes the only way to save a building is to move it.

*Historic buildings are large masonry or brick buildings that require more planning, equipment, and takes longer to raise or move than other buildings.



C &T Structural Movers uses specialty equipment specifically designed for supporting the Structural Lifting, Moving, Rigging, and Heavy Hauling. Our industry is continually being monitored and maintained for maximum safety and efficiency.